A Sustainable Employee Well-being
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OHI for Enhanced Employee Performance

Understand key concerns of employee well-being with Ctrlh’s Organisational Health Index (OHI). OHI is anonymised data of employees’ cardiovascular vital score and their participation. It’s designed to provide management with analytics to guide their employee well-being program and de-risk employees from hidden health issues.

OHI for Enhanced Employee Performance

Know Your Vital Readings
without any medical device

Powered by Mobile-first Med-Tech, Ctrlh enables the monitoring of Cardiovascular Vital Parameters along with AI-based stress & fatigue tests to derive at OHI in real-time.

Data-Driven Insightsfor Continuous Improvement

Employee well-being is a continuous process to define and drive programs for measurable outcomes. Data can be sliced and diced to develop specific programs.

OHI Dashboard

We provide continuous improvement
by supporting you in implementing initiatives

De-Stress Activities

Session by Experts

Affordable Annual or
Half Yearly Health Check-up

Focused Checkup for
Specific Employee Groups

Mental Health
Counselling Sessions

Customised Programs as
per need and Data Analysis

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Tap into a Complete
Circle of Care

Elevate your organisation's Financial Health while prioritising Physical Health,
Mental Health, and DE&I/ESG initiatives with Ctrlh's comprehensive well-being solutions.

Physical Health

Proactive Well-being

Anticipate and address health needs before they arise to ensure optimal wellness.

Key Features:

  • Regularly monitor vitals like BP, SPO2, RPM, BPM & BMI parameters to get your overall Vitals Score
  • Take preventive steps accordingly
  • Save & share all your health records
  • Set alerts
Ctrlh-Proactive Well-being

Mental Health

Mental Awareness Assessment

Get personalised insights into fatigue and depression levels via AI-powered assessment.

Key Features:

  • Facial recognition, voice and biometric analysis
  • Identify initial signs of fatigue and stress
  • Get Mental Health Check-in (MHCI) Score developed by experts in psychology
  • MHCI score guides employee to take preventive steps if needed
Mental Awareness Assessment


women and family well-being

Employees can add their family members in nurturing well-being, from daily support to critical times.

Key Features:

  • Menstruation and Pregnancy Tracker
  • Child Vaccination Tracker
  • E-consult with doctors
  • Extend Vitals monitoring for family members
  • Elderly care
  • Buy medicines
  • Share health reports
  • 24x7 Ambulance Service

Financial Well-being

Mental Awareness Assessment

By partnering with Ctrlh, unlock significant financial benefits while prioritizing the well-being of your employees directly impacting the bottom line of your organisation such as:

  • Reduced Health Insurance Costs
  • Optimised Health Checkup Costs
  • Safe-guard from Increasing Costs of Medicine

Ctrlh revolutionises well-being as a catalyst for business success.


Our integrated approach transcends conventional wellness programs, fostering continuous improvement through data-driven insights.


Serving as your company's extended well-being arm, we seamlessly manage employee and family well-being across all touchpoints, empowering your workforce and driving organisational excellence.